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Why regular breaks are the key to unlimited energy

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How often do you take breaks? Do you wait until everything builds up and you’re able to finally let off steam, or do you prioritise taking regular breaks to maximise your potential?

In the fast-paced world we live in, the concept of managing our energy often takes a back seat to managing our time. However, there’s a powerful reframe we want to share with you to support your energy and longevity.

Time is limited, but energy is unlimited

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet our energy levels vary. Some days we are full of vigour, ready to conquer the world, while others we may feel like we are just getting through the day.

The key distinction between time and energy lies in the fact that you have the ability to regenerate and rejuvenate your energy. By taking regular breaks and prioritising self-care, you can ensure you have the energy reserves to tackle challenges effectively and sustainably.

Although taking shorter breaks throughout the week may not have as an obvious impact as taking a holiday, studies show that there are significant benefits in these smaller, often daily breaks. These regular breaks are proven to reduce or prevent stress.

Types of breaks and the benefits:

  • Lunchtime breaks – In a study conducted by Korpela, Kinnunen, Geurts, de Bloom, and Sianoja (2016), it was discovered that taking lunchtime breaks and disconnecting from work can boost energy levels and reduce exhaustion. The follow up study one year later also found that this practice led to increased vigour and sustained energy levels over time.
  • Social breaks – Engaging in social breaks, such as chatting with peers, has also been shown to be advantageous. Social interactions enable you to share experiences and feel a sense of belonging within a group. This feeling of relatedness during a social break is positively associated with feeling recovered afterward.
  • Micro breaks – Research by Kim, Park, and Niu (2017) highlights the importance of taking mico-breaks throughout the day. These short breaks support wellbeing and boost productivity. A micro-break typically involves stepping away from work for a few minutes, whether it’s chatting with a colleague or getting a drink.
  • Relaxation breaks – Research indicates that both relaxing breaks offer significant benefits. Relaxing breaks can aid in recovery by restoring your mental and physical functional systems to their baseline. Additionally, such breaks can help reset your mood, promoting positive wellbeing and reducing stress.

Tips to ensure you take a break:

  • Coordinate break times with your peers and support each other in sticking to the agreed-upon break schedule
  • Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder
  • Plan enjoyable activities for your breaks. Booking an activity will mean you’re less likely to reschedule or cancel, if the busyness of life starts to get in the way
  • Take note of the benefits you experience when you take a break, this can motivate you to continue taking breaks in the future
  • Use visual reminders, such as post-it notes, in your home or workspace to reinforce the idea that taking breaks is essential to prevent burnout and ensure you stay productive into the future.

Remember, don’t wait until you are at a tipping point, by investing in your energy with regular breaks during the week you unlock your full potential and pave the way for a healthier, more balanced life.

At Native State, we are making it easier to take a break Monday to Thursday with our Sneeky Mid-Weeky pricing available on 90-minute sessions, for groups of 2,3 or 4 from $52 per person. To book select the Sneeky Mid-Weeky sessions in the booking drop down.