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Native State

Upcoming Event: Nutrition - The Foundations

Break free from the never-ending dieting cycle and discover a sustainable approach to nourishing your body.


Workshops and mentorship programs through the lens of health, wellness and performance

From improving your posture to understanding and integrating holistic lifestyle principals into your life, our range of workshops cater to personal & professional development and performance.

Native State

Saturday February 24th 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Nutrition - The Foundations

Our Native State is agile, adaptive, alert, and vital. It is a state that fosters the qualities that support functional balance. Presented by Jo Rushton, join us to understand the foundational principles of nutrition that support and balance your physiology, no matter what your body type. Explore your unique needs by learning to listen to your body’s signs and symptoms for too much or too little of any given macronutrient. Learn to read food labels beyond what’s listed nutritionally and free yourself from any form of dieting cycle!

Workshop Session $179
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Native State

Saturday March 9th 2024

Unlock Your Personal Power

Ignite mental clarity, boost motivation, and tap into your potential with Native State Founder and Mental Performance Specialist Taylor Cecil. Explore wellness, performance, and personal power. Uncover self-mastery, peak performance tools, and conquering limiting beliefs in this workshop.

Workshop session $179
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Native State

Saturday March 23rd 6:00 AM – 7:30 AM

Bathhouse Masterclass

Join a 90-minute bathhouse session, exploring hot/cold therapy for recovery and performance. Learn breathing fundamentals and techniques for stress and performance. During this guided session experience the cold plunge, heated pool, sauna, and steam room for an enhanced bathhouse visit.

Workshop Session $99
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Native State

Saturday April 20th 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Improve Your Posture

Discover how to improve your posture and minimise pain through myofascial release and corrective exercises.

Workshop session $149
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Native State

High Performance Corporate Wellness

Empower your team for personal and professional growth. Combine holistic health and self-mastery to reignite energy and motivation. Address workplace issues like stress and anxiety. Learn to process feedback and handle criticism. This team workshop fosters connection, education, and self-discovery. Join for personal empowerment and wellness wisdom.

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