Bathhouse Pricing

45 minutes from $49pp | 90 minutes from $79pp
Monday – Thursday 90 minutes from $52pp

Casual session from $35

Contact us and a Native State wellness consultant will be in touch shortly. We look forward helping you achieve the positive transformation you’ve always envisioned.

We believe in approaching health, wellness and performance holistically.

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Native State

Everyone can benefit from having a professional coach in their corner

At Native State we believe that human performance knows no bounds when we balance our energy output and energy input.

Our Wellness Pillars

Native State


Pursue therapies and practices to eliminate injuries, pain, stress, lack of direction and other physical or mental ailments.

Native State


Lay strong and balanced foundations and retread holistic pathways required for optimal physical and mental performance.

Native State


Learn and integrate new methods to strengthen, fortify and build the body and mind of your dreams.

Native State


Now that balance has been restored, rediscover your purpose and allow your body, mind and soul to ascend to new heights.

Join us to look, feel, sleep, work and play better.

Native State offers an unparalleled wellness experience for individuals invested in achieving their potential. We’re on a mission to help our community cultivate infinite personal growth by harnessing the power of holistic practices and modalities.