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Be part of the 8%: A fail-proof plan for setting goals

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We often start the new year with a renewed energy and a list of ambitious goals. It’s called the “fresh start effect” – although as many as 80% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions by February, and as little as 8% of people stick with them the entire year.

So, what is the secret to being one of the 8%?

These 3 simple steps:

1 Establish your goal
2 Break it down
3 Set a deadline

Set the goal

Take the time to articulate your goal by writing it down or discussing it with your partner, family, or friend. Remember, healthy goals are dynamic and evolve as you grow. By establishing and clarifying your goal, you gain a clearer vision of the steps needed to bring it to life. Keep in mind, research in a PLoS One study suggests action-oriented goals are more likely to result in success after a year, rather than avoidance-oriented goals (58.9% versus 47.1% in the study). For example, choosing a goal to move every day, will be more effective than one to cut out alcohol.


When faced with a long list of habits or goals, it’s crucial to break them down into
manageable steps. Instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to implement too many changes all at once, focus on one habit or goal at a time. For example; choose one habit every three months and dedicate your energy to integrating it into your routine. This allows your brain and heart to focus and adapt more effectively. Remember, progress is achieved through small, consistent actions. Take that first small inspired action today. An inspired action here could be; signing up to the membership, calling the lead or allocating 60 minutes a week in your diary to time for yourself.

Add it to your calendar

Planning is key when it comes to turning dreams into reality. Amid life’s demands and
obligations, it’s easy to lose sight of our own aspirations. To ensure you prioritise what truly matters to you, schedule activities or experiences that align with your goals. Whether it’s a camping trip, learning a new skill, or doing something for yourself, put it in your calendar and make it a priority. By planning ahead, you create boundaries and clarity, allowing you to make informed decisions when other commitments arise.

Hot tip

Research has also shown surrounding yourself with likeminded people is more likely to help you achieve your goal. If your goal is about being active and more balanced – Native State offers small group fitness and member-only bathhouse sessions that create a space for connection with likeminded individuals.

Moving forward

As you embrace the new year, take the time to establish your goal, break it down into actionable steps, and put it in your calendar. By doing so, you set yourself up for success and create the foundation for your best year yet.

Remember that dreams evolve, progress is made through small steps, and planning ensures you stay focused and aligned with what truly matters to you. Make 2024 a year of growth, fulfilment, and extraordinary experiences.